Cups, You’re Gonna Miss Me: Evolution of a Song

di annixedda

Il post che volevo scrivere oggi l’ha già scritto AtomicSam. Ai video che posta lui aggiungo questo (che è quello da cui sono partita):
E se ve lo state chiedendo, sì, ho passato il pomeriggio a far ruotare un bicchiere di plastica.


Anna_Kendrick_CupsA few weeks back an intensely cute song came over my car radio as I was making my way home from the office.  The diabetes-inducingly-sweet track, Cups (When I’m Gone) performed by Anna Kendrick, comes from the second volume of the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, More From Pitch Perfect.  I am not a fan of a cappella, and as such had no desire to see Pitch Perfect, but the song is undeniably catchy. Correctly assuming that it had not originated from the film I wanted to know more about it.

I found a lot of people arguing as to who wrote the tune and deserved credit for it.  It reminded me of the Glee/ Jonathan Coulton Baby Got Back controversy.    It took me all morning (and well into the afternoon) to untangle all of the misinformation out there about the song, and I figure there were…

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